20% Off Fees + Enter to Win 1 BTC at Bybit

Bybit is cranking up the offerings to users lately, and this time existing users can take advantage as well!

I'm happy to announce that anyone who has signed up with my referral will be getting 20% off on trading fees for the remainder of September. This is a huge deal and puts Bybit fees as arguably the best in the market right now. Perfect timing with Bitmex rolling out KYC as well, if you haven't migrated your BTC trading to Bybit yet, now's the perfect time. Click below to register today!

Bybit 20% off trading fees

And as if 20% off fees wasn't enough, they're also giving away 5 prizes of 1 Bitcoin each on top of limited quantities of $10, $20 and $50 trading vouchers! Simply click below and enter the voucher code "5BTCDRAW" and execute at least one trade to be entered!

Bybit 5 BTC draw

Here are the details on the additional vouchers:

Voucher Giveaway Dates:  

Sep 16: $10 bonus in BTC capped at 500 users

Sep 18: $20 bonus in BTC capped at 200 users

Sep 22: $50 bonus in BTC capped at 100 users

To recap: 20% off trading fees this month, up to $80 in additional bonuses, a chance to win 1 Bitcoin, all on top of being the best Bitcoin margin trading platform in the market (without KYC!). So what are you waiting for? Register for Bybit now!

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