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The much anticipated launch of CRV, the governance token, has finally happened. However, it wasn't quite what was planned.

A community member went ahead and launched the smart contract without anyone on the team realizing it. He then posted about it on Twitter:

The team then began to investigate the smart contract deployment while telling community members that the address may be fake and to not deposit anything until the team confirmed the launch. Meanwhile, over $8m plowed into the deployed smart contract and began premining the much hyped CRV token which also popped up on Uniswap for over $50 a token. Community members (myself included) sat by and waited for the team to make an announcement while more and more money funneled into the supposedly suspect contract. Our patience was unfortunately not rewarded, as nearly 3 hours after the contract went live the team announced it was indeed the correct contract address and the CRV token had officially launched. It was far from ideal, and as a long time supporter. I'm not happy with the outcome. It rewarded degenerate behavior and punished those who abided by team instructions.

That being said, it's done now. The full guide of what to do to get involved in earning CRV can be found here:

Put simply - take part in a pool, then go to and deposit your lp token to earn CRV.

Not sure what this whole yield farming thing is and how to get started? Read the guide on how to get started yield farming.

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